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        Industry new

        The use of tundish nozzle and monoblock stopper

        Tundish nozzleMonoblock stopper: On the tundish of a caster, monoblock stopper is widely used. Inert protective gas is sprayed from a small hole in the head of the stopper to prevent aluminum oxides from depositing near the sealed area of the nozzle, or to reduce its aggregation and move the aggregation area down. In order to extend the life of the stopper, to benefit from multi-furnace casting, in the tundish of the slab caster, a stopper with a zirconia complex layer or a full zirconia nozzle is used.
        Tundish nozzle: The tundish nozzle material is selected according to the types of steel ,when casting the general carbon steel, you can use Al2O3 70~75% of the Mullite nozzle. Magnesium oxide or zirconia nozzle can be used when casting easy-to-cut steel. When casting High manganese steel, a high aluminum graphite or zirconia nozzle may be used.


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