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        Industry new

        Purpose and related properties of magnesia brick

        Magnesia BrickThe main components of the magnesia brick:

        The magmesia bricks' main composition is magnesia, and the main crystal is periclase, accounting for 80% of the magnesia brick quality - 90%, its matrix compound for magnesium, magnesium aluminate spinel ferrite, magnesium olivine, calcium magnesium olivine, etc.

        The classification of magnesia brick:

        Magnesia bricks generally divided into sintered magnesia brick and chemical combination of two kinds of magnesia bricks. And sintering temperature of high purity magnesite bricks, because the periclase grains, direct contact is called direct combination of magnesite bricks; Electric fused magnesia as raw material made of brick is called reunited fused magnesia brick.

        The uses of the magnesite brick:

        Because of the high temperature performance is good, the alkaline slag resistance is strong, so the magnesia bricks widely used in steel industry steelmaking furnace lining, the ferroalloy fiber cable furnace, mixer; Non-ferrous metallurgical industry furnace, such as copper, lead, zinc, tin, lining; Building materials industry kiln; Glass industry body and heat exchanger regenerator grid; Refractory material industry of high temperature calcination kiln, shaft kiln, tunnel kiln, etc.

        The important thing:

        While the high-temperature calcined magnesite brick raw materials and products are, but it still has the hydration. Magnesite brick hydration resistance ability at high temperature is lower. So should pay attention to waterproof under any circumstances.


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