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        Industry new

        The main properties and uses of MgO-C Bricks

        MgO-C BrickMgO-C Bricks use electric fused magnesia sand,high purity magnesia sand, magnesia sand, Re-burn magnesium sand, High-quality graphite and Bauxite additives as raw material. The price and performance of MgO-C Bricks have a lot to do with the graphite content in the brick. With the increase of graphite content, the strength of brick decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and the residual expansion rate increases. Therefore, the graphite content in the brick should be controlled at about 20%. Magnesia carbon brick on the slag wetting is small, with excellent anti-spalling resistance, anti-corrosion resistance, suitable for steel package slag line parts, especially in multi-furnace pouring occasions. In order to meet the needs of the production of clean steel, when refined in the steel package, the application site of magnesium carbon brick has been expanded from the slag line to the side wall.


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