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        Industry new

        Many kinds Siliceous refractory and Introduction

        Siliceous refractory, product name quartz sand or silica, which is the most widely used silicon raw material with the highest purity. Produced in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Alabama, Utah and California, a large number of rock containing more than 98% of SiO2, they have been used for silica brick production for a long time.

        Quartz sand is now widely used in the coke oven for the production of silica brick. By flushing the quartz pebbles and cobbles clumps can produce high purity silica. Gravel or flint is basically composed of adhering sand of a sedimentary rock, usually containing SiO2,3%-5% 90% ~ 96% of Al2O3 and some iron oxide and lime. Sand is relatively soft, and stripes, so it is easy to cut into blocks or other shapes.

        Fused silica with high purity silicon dioxide can be used to produce amorphous or amorphous fused silica, which has special properties for low temperature refractory materials.

        Zircon and oxide zirconium zircon refractories (ZrO2, SiO2) is by produced in Australia and Florida special zircon sand, after flotation and magnetic flotation production. A stabilized zircon is by the same type of zircon sand by electric melting and production of silica and other impurities removed out.


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