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        Industry new

        Types and performance characteristics of common insulation bricks

        In the current insulation brick market, in order to meet the needs of different environments, there are now many varieties of insulation bricks, and each brick has its own advantages. Introduce the varieties of common insulation bricks below.

        Silica Lightweight Insulating Brick Silica Lightweight Insulating Brick is made of high-quality silica clay, wood layer and high-temperature binder as the main raw materials.

        Because the product contains a lot of micropores, it has high compressive strength, low bulk density, small thermal conductivity, light bulk density, and safe construction compared with clay, high aluminum, bleaching pearl and fiber heat-resistant products. It has the advantages of good thermal insulation, energy saving effect, high quality and competitive price. Lightweight mullite insulation brick Lightweight mullite insulation has the characteristics of average, good thermal shock qualitative, high charge, small high cross value, large degree, good chemical resistance and other characteristics. Xialai stone insulation bricks are based on density The difference is mainly divided into light and heavy.

        Alumina hollow ball brick Oxidized hollow ball brick is a new type of high-temperature heat insulation material. The application temperature is 1800 ℃. The product has high machine strength, which is several times the weight of light products, and the volume is only two times of corundum products. One. It is widely used in high-temperature furnaces such as petrochemical industrial gasification furnace, carbon black industrial reaction furnace, and industrial induction electric furnace.
        High-alumina light brick High-aluminum poly light brick is a new type of thermal insulation of light high-alumina brick series. It mainly uses high-alumina branch and high-purity dry soil, filled with polystyrene foam ball, and is completed after burnout. It has the characteristics of high purity of raw materials, average pore structure, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, high strength and high dimensional accuracy. High warp brick, also known as high aluminum poly light ball brick, has high compressive strength and good thermal stability, which can reduce the heat capacity of the furnace.


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